Our driving force: a proven commitment to unwavering and consistent quality.


Embracing the ethos of ‘Creating a legacy of good,’ we’ve invested in a globally approved manufacturing facility, ensuring timely delivery of exceptionally reliable products.

This facility is a multiproduct – Granules, Tablets and Capsules – Our highly trained and experienced staff can customise any tablet or capsule, including packaging, that a customer requests, unpar­al­leled per­son­al­ized client care, trans­parency and a com­mit­ment to qual­ity are just some of the many advan­tages of part­ner­ing with our team of indus­try experts.

This facility is for Non-Beta Lactum and non-cephalosporin products. The special feature of this facility is its capability to manufacture 800 million tables a month.

Quality Control

Ensuring consistent results, our central quality team defines rigorous SOPs, continuously refining and optimizing them. Crafted by experts across Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Research and Development, and Manufacturing.

Our plant operations emphasize continuous monitoring, logging, and optimization. The iterative cycle of Monitor, Assess, Realign, and Repeat ensures constant improvement. Batch validation, strict parameters, and regular team huddles enhance reproducibility and departmental cohesion. Leveraging technology minimizes human intervention, ensuring decentralized, secure, and logged processes. Our overarching goal of affordable healthcare is realized through process improvements, minimizing wastage, service design, process innovation, and agile responses, effectively reducing manufacturing costs.


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