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At PharmisIndia, we stand as a leading global contract manufacturer specializing in tablets and capsules for the Indian Pharma industry. With the largest tablet manufacturing capacity in India, we takes pride in delivering excellence.

Our team, comprised of highly trained and experienced professionals, is dedicated to tailoring tablets and capsules, along with customized packaging, to meet each customer’s unique specifications. Partnering with PharmisIndia ensures unparalleled personalized client care, transparency, and a steadfast commitment to quality. Choose our team of industry experts for an experience marked by exceptional advantages.


At PharmisIndia, we are a people-centric organization committed to innovation, manufacturing, and marketing high-quality healthcare products that elevate the standard of human life worldwide. Our dedication revolves around creating impactful solutions to enhance the well-being of individuals across the globe.


Committed to fostering a dynamic and lucrative contract manufacturing enterprise, our dedication lies in embracing innovation, diligent effort, and principled, ethical business practices. We aspire to broaden health horizons by elevating the quality of life through inventive products and processes, thus contributing to the well-being of individuals and communities.


Since 2002, our success has been defined by a foundationally strong commitment to credibility, reliability, integrity, trust, and a clear vision. These core values form the bedrock of our achievements and continue to guide us towards sustained excellence.

Our Core Values

Quest for Excellence

Fueled by a relentless ambition to excel, we aspire not only to be the best but also to be acknowledged as the epitome of excellence.


A trusting workplace enhances collaboration and productivity, ensuring long-term success and a positive work environment for all.


Continuously brainstorming innovative ideas to enhance and contribute value to the organization, fostering a culture of creativity and growth.


Unified teamwork strengthens the entire organization, transcending the sum of its individual parts, creating a resilient and collaborative foundation for success.


Uphold truthfulness, meet expectations, and honor commitments—guiding principles that build trust and integrity, fostering a foundation for lasting relationships and success.


Compliance with regulations, ethical conduct, and proactive measures through corrections and training, ensuring a steadfast commitment to integrity and responsible actions.


Fostering an open culture, we encourage information sharing and constructive discussions to embrace diversity and resolve differences within the company collaboratively.


Striving for excellence means challenging oneself, aiming to outperform and reach new heights beyond conventional standards.